My Honest Review after trying the Ponyjet from someone with 3 Grey Horses!

05/11/23 | Jessie Kirby - GB Dressage Rider

Why did I order it?

As an equestrian, I've always cherished the bond with my horses but dreaded the time-consuming and exhausting task of washing them and cleaning them. Espcially when they don't want to stand still or are a grey horse!

I stumbled upon the PonyJet online – I thought it looked cool but I wasn't certain if it would work on my filthy grey's!

Here's my first-hand experience with this washing device.

Initial Impressions

The PonyJet came in a nice green box, and not badly packaged.

I was struck by how sturdy it was. Being around horses that's crucial! Lol.

Connecting it to the hose was confusing at first but I worked it out. Within minutes, I was ready to put it to the test. The device's simplicity interested me – could this really be the solution to my laborious horse-washing routine?

Ease of Use

I couldn't believe how effortless the PonyJet made the entire process.
It actually made washing my horse a breeze. The water control switch on it was awesome. So I was able to make sure my horse was comfortable with the pressure. AND I only used half of the shampoo I usually use.

But did it remove the dirt and grime without the need for excessive shampoo usage or scrubbing??!

How much time did I save?

One of the best perks of using PonyJet was the incredible time-saving aspect. What used to take me an hour or more was now accomplished in a fraction of that time.

It allowed me to focus more on my riding, enhancing my bond with my horse without compromising on their grooming needs.

And...yes. It sure did get rid of all the dirt, grease and poop stains!

Vs Others

I've tried other similar products in the past. They broke really easily and were made of cheap plastic. The ponyjet is perfect around horses. Much better build quality and has more water modes and longer shampoo duration. I do wish it came abit faster in the post but I think that was down to Black Friday...can't fault it! I highly recommend! :)

A Clean Horse Or Your Money Back

They also have a money back guarantee which is awesome! You have 60 days if you aren't happy with it or how clean your horse is after you can get your money back!

If you want to grab yours click below to the Ponyjet website…